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Basic commission categories are listed below. For commercial inquiries, please contact me first.


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  • Sketches – 30 EUR
    [Quick drawings of your idea, doesn’t contain too many details]

  • Ink & Screentone illustration
    [Drawing using digital ink and screentones – think of manga shading]

    Character – 50+ EUR
    Full illustration – 125+ EUR
    other types TBD

  • Speed paintings – 100+ EUR
    [Full paintings, but done quickly – with fewer details, to save time/money. More expressive in look]

  • Detailed painting – 200+ EUR
    [Full painting with all the details]

  • Coloured lineart – 150+ EUR
    [Lineart with colours, has no or very little of the background. Ideal for a single character]

  • Traditional artCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE due to the nature of traditional art all prices are up for consideration. Please contact me first.
    These take additional time to finish.
    traditional art sampleI work with:
    🔹 Coloured Pencils
    🔹 Watercolours
    🔹 Acrylics
    🔹 Ink
    🔹 Pencils
    🔹 Charcoal
    🔹 Alcohol-based markersFinished commissions are available as either hi-res scans or physical pieces (originals).
    Please let me know if you are interested in the scan or physical piece.

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