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Basic commission categories are listed below. For commercial inquiries, please contact me first.

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  • Sketches – 15-30 USD
    [Quick drawings of your idea, doesn’t contain too many details]

  • Ink & Screentone illustration
    [Drawing using digital ink and screentones – think of manga pages]

    Headshot – 30-50 usd
    Full illustration – 75+ USD
    other types TBD

  • Speed paintings – 50-75+ USD
    [Full paintings, but done quickly – with fewer details, to save time/money. More expressive in look]

  • Detailed painting – 125+ USD
    [Full painting with all the details]

  • Coloured lineart – 50-75+ USD
    [Lineart with colours, has no or very little of the background. Ideal for single character]

  • Traditional art – due to the nature of traditional art all prices are up for consideration. Please contact me first.
    These take additional time to finish.
    traditional art sample
    I work with:
    🔹 Coloured Pencils
    🔹 Watercolours
    🔹 Acrylics
    🔹 Ink
    🔹 Pencils
    🔹 Charcoal
    🔹 Alcohol-based markersFinished commissions are available as either hi-res scans or physical pieces (originals).
    Please let me know if you are interested in the scan or physical piece.

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